Dear Readers, Happy Valentine's Day! #2

Dear readers,
It's the month of love! I've always loved Valentine's Day, single or in a relationship Valentine's Day can be so much fun.
For the last two years I spent Valentine's day single. One year I had a Valentine's breakfast with my best friend before heading off to work and last year I ordered dominoes, painted my nails, put on a movie and blogged. This year will be a little different though as I've got someone special to share it with, and that someone has made plans for us, which I'm super excited to share with you in another post later on. However, I just wanted to share with you some love this month! There's someone out there for all of us and it's better to be living your life to the fullest single than to be tied down in a relationship with a person who's wrong for you.
I spent a lot of my time in my teens desperate to find someone to love me the way my parents did at my age but it just ended up with crappy relationships, toxic ex's, countless teary nights and some bad mistakes, since then I feel like I've grown a lot as a person and my relationships no longer define me.
Taking a two year break from relationships did me the world of good, I went on a few dates, gave up dating, went on a few more dates and when I wasn't looking my current other half came out of no where. I don't know about you guys but I have a lot of issues and a lot of habits that sometimes make it hard for me to have healthy relationships and although these issues have shrunk dramatically over the years I still have the odd psychopathic moment but thankfully I've found someone able to understand and deal with it in away that makes it less of a problem. I'm happy but I'm also still me and that's what I love about this relationship. So many times we get into relationships and loose a chunk of our identity, we stop doing things we love, seeing people we love and we get a bit lost, I'm thankful that I can be myself and can still continue to build the life I want with the full support of my other half, Adam.

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