20 Things I've Discovered in 20 Years

On October the 23rd 2015 I turned twenty, to me that's terrifying. I would prefer to stay between eighteen and twenty-one forever. Since turning twenty I've been thinking about all the things I've learnt about this crazy world and surviving in it.

1. Being an adult sucks.

2. Women are still unequal to men, even today.

3. If you make a decision you need to stick with it, no matter the consequences.

4. Life is extremely short, especially the first twenty years, use them well.

5. Travelling is amazing and I need to do more of it.

6. Friends come and go quicker than public transport.

7. There's only so much you can share with your family, you need someone else to help keep you on the straight and narrow when you're falling off.

8. Your own experiences are worth more than reading about other peoples experiences.

9. Sometimes even your pets just wish you'd shut up and get on with it.

10. Learning to cook is an important skill for life.

11. University isn't all it's cracked up to be, studying > partying

12. Work experience is valuable and can give you a new perspective.

13. You might not be super close to your mum but there are times you're going to need her more than anything.

14. Early nights and early mornings are good for you, have more of them.

15. Breast checks and smears can save your life, get checked.

16. Contraception is important, find the right one for you and use it.

17. Confidence is key, fake it until you make it.

18. Stand up and speak out.

19. Make sure you take all the opportunities life gives you.

20. No one is 100% what they are doing, we all just struggle along.

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