#Blogmas | Favourite Festive Pinterest Recipes

1. Christmas Pudding Rice Crispy Cakes
I am unapoloagetically a foodie, I love to eat food, watch Adam create foor and when December comes around I want to eat all the mince pies and christmas pudding, but as I was trawling through pinterest the other day I thought what a great opportunity to find some alternative festive recipies and here they are.

#Blogmas | Gift Guides For Her

#Blogmas | Gift Guide For Him

#Blogmas | National Rosa Parks Day

It's National Rosa Parks day and therefore I wanted to celebrate such an inspirational woman on my blog. On Thursday 1st of December Rosa Parks took a stand that would change the world, she refused to give up and give in to white privilige. We all know the story of Rosa Parks the woman who could not be moved and if you don't then I suggest you go and read up on this great historic event here.

Anti Bullying Week 2016 | My Story, My Advice

A large part of my childhood consisted of being bullied, which is why I believe I don't remember a whole lot of it, my mind seems to have a special way of putting the traumatic experiences of my past in a box but occasionally they sneak out and I get a flash back of something that happened at school. Why was I bullied? I was bullied for the colour of my hair, for being ginger and I was bullied for being different. I was left out, isolated, my belongings stolen and destroyed, being called names, left out, pinched and kicked. Throughout my childhood and up to this point in the present I've never 'fitted in', I'm 21 now, in university and I still don't fit in, but it bothers me less, I know who I am, and I am my own person. I put a lot of this down to bullying and other traumatic experiences that made me decide one day to jump on a plane to America alone and work as a Camp Counselor for the Summer, during my time away I grew so much as a person, experienced some great and some horrible things and came back home a different person, focusing on my career, my future and myself. 

Grey Restaurant @ The Hilton Cardiff

On the 29th of September I headed over to The Hilton Cardiff for the opening of their brand new restaurant GREY. Whilst there we feasted on delicious food and gin cocktails, take a little look at what we got up to...

Jewellery Box Review*

I don't wear big clunky funky jewellery, I rarely wear any jewellery day to day apart from my ring from Adam, but I wanted to add a new piece to my subtle collection so when Jewellery Box got in touch and wanted me to try out a new piece I jumped at the chance to get my hands on this beautiful bracelet.

Make 10 Minutes For Yourself Everyday

Most of us lead busy lives juggling work, family, home chores and other commitments. Studies show that giving ourselves just 10 minutes a day can lower stress levels, improve motivation and strengthen the ability to relax. Finding a small amount of time which is purely dedicated to you may seem tricky at first and you may not be able to stick to it each day, so make sure you’re flexible with yourself. Being conscious that your break will come at some point in the day is a good way to make it happen! Here are four ideas to make the most of your break.

Flat Tour & Tips For Students

Mercure Hotels: Breakfast Heaven & Goodbye Stratford

We headed down to a late breakfast on our last day in Stratford, not sure what to expect, we were pleased to find a large variety of continental and cooked breakfast choices to suit everyone.

Mercure Hotels: Marco's Italian Restaurant*

Attached to our Shakespearian residence was Marco's Italian restaurant, we were delighted to find that due to us staying at the hotel the hotel offers a 20% discount on the food so we booked ourselves a table and headed down around 7pm for a bite to eat.

Mercure Hotels: Exploring Stratford*

At the end of the Summer Adam and I got the opportunity to head up to Stratford Upon Avon to stay at the Shakespearian Mercure Hotel. Whilst there we took a few hours to explore the sites around our hotel.

Mercure Hotels: Stratford upon Avon Shakespearian Hotel*

On August the 15th Adam and I headed on a two hour journey from South Wales to Stratford upon Avon for a stay at the fantastic Shakespearian Hotel. It was a 2 hour and 45 minute drive with us taking a couple of wrong turns and me having a tantrum with the sat nav.

Announcement: Life Update, New Job & Early Move In

I apologise about the lack of posts and engagement in the last few months, things have been *crazy* to say the least. Most of you will know by now that I got a new job down in Swansea at the end of July, I had to move into the flat in the space of a day and adjusting to living alone has been a difficult challenge, even being the strong independent goddess I am it has been a surprisingly difficult couple of months. So here's the dreaded *LIFE UPDATE* no one really reads, but I hope you will....

Friends & Family.
At the end of July my younger sister began loosing her hair rapidly, after a trip to the doctors she was diagnosed with prestigious anemia, depression and severe anxiety. In the space of a month she lost all her hair, her eyebrows and eyelashes. For a young girl this can be detrimental to their confidence but I am proud to announce she's been a complete champ about it, a few weeks ago she got two wigs and got help from the most amazing charity to make it possible to have them. I'm extremely proud to say she's handled it so well and has not let it affect her life.

I left the comfort of my position of Junior Assistant Manager at the Nant Ddu Lodge Hotel, Spa & Bistro in late July for a post at the Grape & Olive Swansea as a Functions Manager. I've been in post just over a month now and I already feel like I've learnt a lot, I'm really interested in the hospitality industry and as my course has a placement at the Marriott hotel I'm getting a shed load of experience.

On the 12th of September I begin my induction week and on the 19th I begin my course, I've been anticipating this since March and I cannot wait to get stuck in, I finally know what I want to do, I'm getting the experience and now I am also getting the experience to back it up. I'm so happy and so proud to finally have a path that I am happy and confident with.

I've moved in on my own and it's taken awhile to get used to it, I managed to drop my phone down the toilet and had to survive with no internet and no phone for almost a week which was surprisingly difficult. Settling into my new job was a little challenging but I'm excited for what the next six months hold for me. I've cut out meat, I've realised I don't really like it that much so I'm testing a more veggie diet.

Health & Fitness.
Food loving Ffion has splashed out on a PT to get her into shape, I have a workout plan focusing on weight loss and toning as well as a *veggie* nutrition plan to help me eat a healthy balanced diet. I have three PT sessions a week and add in my own solo sessions or partner sessions with Ads when I can.

I wrote this in a Starbucks and felt very pro/posh blogger indeed, I would not recommend the Chocolate Cheesecake Muffin. 

What exciting things have been going on in your life in the last couple of months?

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#OOTD Midi Striped Skirt + Black Vest

Last month we were invited to Bluestone to review a 5 day stay and whilst we were there we did a lot of blogging and a lot of photography. Here's an outfit that I wore out on our last night, you can check out my other Bluestone blog posts here.

5 Steps To Breaking Bad Habits

We've all got bad habits, I for one have many; being negative, over eating, sitting in front of Netflix for 23465468 hours at a time and the reason that these things are bad habits is because they all have a detrimental effect on my mental and physical well being. I'm working on a lot of my bad habits and over the month or two I've made quite a lot of progress and now I'm ready to share with you how to kick that bad habit.

Bad habits form because of repetition or through positive reinforcement.

1. Write down the bad habit you are trying to break.
Put that bad habit on paper with a pen, underline it, write it in bold or whatever. That is the habit that you ARE going to break. Then say it out loud 'I will ....'

Example: I will not comfort eat crap.

2. Recognise your triggers.
Keep a notebook handy with you during the day and see what triggers your bad habit. Write down every trigger you come across.

Example: Stress, lack of access to healthier alternatives.

3. Avoid your triggers
Write down every single one of your triggers on your notebook and then by the side of that an idea on how to avoid them.

Example: Manage my stress through stress management and buy healthy snacks.

4. Substitute your bad habits for good habits
Now in order to finalise breaking your habit create a new good habit, something that will benefit you.

Example: I will meditate every day and eat celery instead of junk food as a snack.

5. Enlist help
And if you're still struggling then enlist the help of your friends and family. Let them know you're trying to break a habit, what the habit is and what you're trying to do to break it and how they can help.

Example: I could ask a friend to join me for yoga and ask mum to hide the junk food or stop buying it.

What bad habits do you need to break?

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Urbanista San Fransisco Mosiac Earphones* & My Top 10 Summer Tunes

Check out these super funky earphones from Urbanista, this is just one of thirteen different colours from the San Fransisco collection. Unique, these headphones hold a beautiful print on pastel colours making them a great fashion accessory. My beautiful earphones are in Pink Paradise but you can also get them in Ocean drive.

Learn To Be A Better Leader With The Value In You Cards*

Hello aspiring career girls, have I got something different for you today! May I introduce to you 'The Value In You' inspirational leadership cards created by Roxanne M St Clair. Roxanne is an inspirational speaker, passionate educator, effective coach and author. You can find out more about her on the website here where you can also purchase these cards.
These 52 cards hold inspirational and motivational information, some of that we already know and tend to forget and others that we may not have uncovered yet. The aim of these cards is the help you make the right choices to fulfil your ambitions for a balanced lifestyle.

How these cards work? Everyday you pick a card which has a paragraph of wisdom which is sometimes lead with an example or a suggestion. You then need to read it and take a few minutes to try and apply it to your own life and then it's your opportunity to make a related action which will help you achieve for that day. These may also work well in groups where everyone can choose a card and use it as a talking point whilst applying it to their own situation.

Example of how to use these cards:

The Card: Dream

Your dreams are more than just a fantasy that you take out every now and then, they can become your reality.

Allow yourself to dream vivid dreams to create a life that you would really like to lead.

My process:

When we get to a certain age we're forced to quit creativity, stop dreaming and grow up into reality, however dreams can be very good for us to visualise where we would like to be. My father recently explained something to me which really sunk in which was 'If you aim to run 8 miles then you might run 4 but if you aim to run 2 miles you might only run 2' I don't know if this makes sense to you but what it means is, if you're going to dream then dream big, you might not reach that dream in the end but you'll get further than if you hadn't dreamed it at all. I really feel like I need to follow my dreams more and stop doubting myself otherwise I'm never going to get where I want to be. 

To me, the above process has given me instant insight and motivation to have a really productive period, working towards my dreams.

What do you use to consistently improve your leadership?

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#GetFeD Summer Menu Review*

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I go out to eat a lot and I love food more than anything so when the owners of FeD got in touch to ask if I'd like to check out their all you can eat buffet I didn't even need to take a minute to think about it.

Beauty Blender Dupe by Pamper Therapy*

If you haven't heard of the Beauty Blender then you're either not that into make up or you've been living under a rock. Over the last couple of month the popularity of the beauty blender has struck us all. As I am a make up brush girl through and through when Pamper Therapy got in touch for me to review their own make up sponge I jumped at the chance to test my commitment to make up brushes.

5 Things To Negotiate If You Can't Negotiate Your Salary

Sometimes you get a great opportunity at a killer company to go and succeed in your chosen career however the pay isn't quite what you think it should be and the company is unwilling to pay you a better salary, instead of settling try negotiating a few of these 5 things instead.

How To Increase Your Connections On LinkedIn

Now I've already discussed earlier this year how you can make LinkedIn work for you and now I want to tell you how can increase your connections and grow your network which could eventually aid you in being head hunted or finding your dream job.

#OOTD: Floral Dress & Converse

At the beginning of the month I headed to Bluestone with the blogging girls Holly, CharlotteLottie & Neesha where we embarked on a four day adventure. Whilst I was there it was a great opportunity to get some outfit shots and so that is what I did. Here is the perfect summer outfit, a beautiful dress and some comfortable shoes. You can check out my other Bluestone posts here.

How To Move On From Your Dead End Job

You wake up every morning dreading to go, you live for your days off and experience a severe Monday morning feeling, you know it's time to break it off and find a new career path where you love going to work on a Mondays as much as you love coming home from work on a Fridays. Do not fear, I'm here to tell you how you can make this change.

Why Do You Need A Mentor?

What is a Mentor? Mentee?
A mentor is an experienced professional, meanwhile a mentee is eager to soak up the knowledge and experience of the mentor.

#OOTD: Pink Blouse, Skinny Jeans + Converse

I am a huge fan of blouses, you can wear them with anything, dress them up, dress them down, tuck them in or leave them out. A week or so ago I was at Bluestone and as I was there with the blogging girls Holly, Neesha, Lottie and Charlotte it only seemed proper to get as many outfits photographed as possible so I'll be bringing to you a range of casual, summery and evening outfits that I wore in Bluestone. You can check all the Bluestone posts out here.

How To Improve Your Networking

I love networking, to me it's one of my favourite things that I can do to improve myself and forward my career. I can add value to other peoples lives and careers and they can add value to mine. If you struggle to network as so many people do then follow the following four tips to up your networking game.

Mercure Hotels: Pre Instagramable Picnic Baskets

Here's for one for all you social media fanatics, Mercure Hotels have partnered with food designers Bompas & Parr to put together these gorgeous edible picnic hampers that don't need a filter. As someone who spends a lot of time trying to choose a filter on Instagram these baskets make it easy.

What I Use Coconut Oil For

Everyone's been ranting and raving about coconut oil lately and I am no exception, after hearing some great things about coconut oil for hair and skin I decided to give it a go and thanks to the guys at Vita Coco I had one big tub and one little tub of coconut oil to experiment with.

EU Referendum: In or Out?

The up and coming EU referendum is the hot topic of the moment and everyones up in arms about which way their going to vote. Below I've simplified some information regarding the EU in or out debate and I have attached the official in/out campaigns in order for you to make an informed decision. Every vote counts, be sure to us yours.

The Last Supper @ Bluestone Wales

It was our last evening together at Bluestone on the Thursday as we were departing early on Friday morning so we booked a table at the hustle and bustling Farmhouse Grill. We were lucky we had reserved a table and paid a deposit on arrival to Bluestone on the Monday as it was completely packed. We aimed for a table away from all the kids, unfortunately it wasn't possible but after a couple of drinks we were in a worse state than them so it wasn't a problem.

Day Three @ Bluestone: Spa Day!

On the third and final day of our Bluestone break we organised a spa day to top off the fantastic experience. The five of us were booked in for one 55 minute aromatherapy treatment at 12:15. However, we all woke up early-ish that morning in order to write up some blog posts and upload some pictures and we all got so caught up in working on our laptops that at 11:50 we were running around in a daze trying to get our sh*t together. Luckily our lodge was just up from the spa, so a brisk walk down meant we got there in time - whilst managing to film a bit on snapchat too.

Day Two @ Bluestone: Why Folly Farm isn't just for kids!

I had never been to Folly Farm previously to my recent visit with Charlotte, Holly and Neesha. After doing a bit of research I was a little bit worried that as four 20+ females that maybe there wasn't a great deal to entertain us whilst we were there. However, I was quite wrong...

Day One @ Bluestone: Exploring & The Blue Lagoon

I was not very impressed to be woken up by a golf cart horn going off as four very confused family members habituating the lodge opposite us struggled to start their golf cart. It was 10am so I should have been up anyway, I grabbed my phone and began to check out what I had missed during the evening and ended up scrolling accross Charlotte's breakfast, since everyone seemed to be up eating breakfast I decided to head down for some tea and toast. We then made a plan: explore and then swim.

Clinique Cardiff Blogger Event

A little while back I got invited to go to a Clinque Blogger Event, having heard of Clinque's great reputation I was eager to check out their products. We met at the Clinique counter, got checked in and headed upstairs to the conference rooms which had been set up with mirrors, brushes and almost every piece of Clinique make up that's on sale right now.

#BEDM - Top Tips For A More Fulfilling Life

1. Eat Better, Move More
You can't improve and live a more fulfilling life if you're body and mind can't handle it. Treat your body like a temple and your mind kindly. A petrol car can't run on diesel and our bodies can't run on junk. A bone idle cat won't run around in the sun and an unhealthy body won't run anywhere. Look after yourself.

#BEDM - How To Be Indispensible

We all want to be special, we all want to be the best at what we do but sometimes we don't know how. How do we separate ourselves from other employees? How can we stand out to our managers and supervisors?

1. Work HARDER
Work harder than anyone else, go above and beyond to ensure high productivity and great quality products and/or services. To stand out you need to be doing everything at least a little bit better than everyone else.

#BEDM - What To Carry In Your Bag (Ultimate List)

1. Perfume/Deodorant & Breathe Freshner
For those times when you've been the victim of second hand smoke or chose garlic bread.

2. Lip Balm
There's nothing worse than being stranded in work or at a meeting with dried up shrivelling lips, trying to talk through this discomfort.

3. Tampons/Pads Sanitary Products
Even though I don't really have periods anymore I always keep these to hand because over the years I've been asked by other women in need.

4. Wipes/Tissues
Wipes are handy when you've had a make up smudging moment or if you need to freshen yourself up a little. Tissues are multi purpose and good for the last minute cold, wiping your coffee off your desk or to offer a runny nosed child or colleague.

5. Mascara/Concealer
For those long ass shifts or to cover up a hangover face! The odd little bit of make up to cover those dull spots and open your eyes a little could improve your appearance dramatically.

6. Purse/Cash
Never leave the house without your purse because you never know when you may need your driving license. Always carry cash on you as I can't tell you the amount of times I've wandered into a store, picked up some stuff, gone to the checkout only to be told their card machine is broke.

7. Notebook & Pen
Jot down important notes and information, writing a blog I'm always looking for inspiration and a lot of it arises whilst I'm out of the house doing something else, to keep me from forgetting my ideas I try and write them down then and there so I'll remember and then I can go back to them later.

8. Painkillers/Soothers
Pain can strike anywhere for anyone, I got a toothache at the cinema recently and was saved by the paracetamol in my bag. A sore throat can also come out of nowhere and have you lost for words during meetings or social calls, the best way to combat a sore throat is to attack it as soon as it comes on.

9. Hand Cream & Nail File
I always feel good when my nails are in good condition and my hands are silky soft. Dry hands and rough nails can be easily kept under control with a quick dab of cream and a file.

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#BEDM - Tips For A First Time Manager

Being a manager is easy, being a good manager is hard and do you know what's harder? Being a young manager. After my promotion last year I was put in a very conflicting situation I was working with people my own age and older, people I'd started the job with and these people weren't ready to accept me in a position of authority or as their manager. The first couple of months were killer, I worked extra hard at work, I delved into different departments to do every job in the business, the good, the bad and the ugly, I worked alongside the people day and night identifying issues within the business and with the staff and I tried to support the staff in every way I could and over a couple of months people's attitudes started to change and I finally began to earn their respect.

#BEDM - Monday Musings & How To Love Mondays!

It's Monday, why do we dread Mondays?

If there is one thing I learned studying psychology and sociology for A Levels it's that human behaviour is part biological and part learnt. I believe that Monday morning feeling to be learnt behaviour, it's now the 'norm' for us to hate Mondays because our days off end on Sunday and the work week begins again on Monday. Now I don't know about you but in my job I work weekends and this means when I get my two days off (Monday & Tuesday) I don't feel dread, I feel happy and when I return to work on Wednesday I feel refreshed and ready to work, no dreaded Monday morning feeling.

So here's the point...

Breakfast @ Bill's

Last week I headed out for a day of blogger events in Cardiff. First off we hit Topshop to check out the #IvyPark range before the shop opened to customers and then we headed off to the opening of Michael Kors.

Inbetween the two events we headed to Bill's for some food to keep us going and we decided on some breakfast food, definitely a good decision on our part as it was delicious.

(Above) Scrambled Egg on Toast

(Above) Full Breakfast

We were a little early for our event so Charlotte, Neesha and I headed to Costa for a coffee and a social media catch up.

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