Why I resigned from my office job and headed back to waitressing

In September 2015 I resigned from my waitressing job at a three star restaurant and began a new job as a general assistant, almost three months down the line I've resigned from my new job and headed back to the job I had previously left. You would have thought swapping being on your feet for twelve hours for a swivel chair and your own desk would be a dream come true for a career minded young woman like myself, but now I'm headed back and here's why...

1. University
Perhaps taking on 20 contracted hours of work a week was not my smartest idea, especially when both work and university were starting around the same time and I was not ready or prepared for two important beginnings. Juggling a new job and university proved difficult especially whilst I was still learning how both worked, when I thought I was doing well in one area of my life the other areas suffered dramatically and there was no balance between work, family, education and a life.

2. Comfort Zone
For the 3 years previous to me obtaining the office job I worked as a waitress, I thoroughly enjoyed working as part of the team, interacting with customers and setting the bistro up for guests. However, I felt very comfortable and wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and gain some experience in a different field, but after some thought maybe I jumped in a little bit too deep. I was employed with a relatively small company with only three other employees and one trainee, I took on a big workload doing things I had never done before and did my best to train myself but it was just too much.

3. Experience
I feel like if I'd had a small role as an office assistant previously I may have been able to pull through however with my experience being limited to customer service unfortunately I was very strong on my sales but not on using the complicated systems.

4. Responsibility
I like to pride myself on my independence and my ability to take on responsibility however I felt a huge amount of pressure to meet deadlines, increase sales and make the company a success, which I realise now is a little silly as I cannot do it alone.

5. My Health
The final straw for me was when my health started to deteriorate with stress and exhaustion, that's when I knew I had to move on.

The only thing I regret about taking the office job was not looking after my physical and emotional health better. I worked alongside so many fantastic people and got to do so many different tasks that I would have never got to try anywhere else, I left the office job with a new found respect for managers everywhere, a new outlook on the world of work and more faith in myself.

I am now back at my old job, promoted to Junior Duty Manager with a decent pay rise and I'm enjoying taking on more responsibility and working hard.

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