The Importance of a Bra Fitting

Would you believe that at the age of twenty I finally had my first ever bra fitting?

I've always wanted to have a bra fitting but due to my small bosom I've never put it at the top of my list of things to get done, however recently I took a trip to Cardiff and found myself wandering into Ann Summers for a look around when I saw a sign for a free bra fitting, I had an hour or so before I was meeting the girls for dinner so I called one of the lovely shop assistants over and asked if she could help me.

She took me to the back where the fitting rooms were and ushered me into a cubicle to remove my blouse. She left and came back five minutes later, she entered the cubicle with a look of shock and then amusement on her face. ''What is that?'' oblivious to what she was talking about I just stood there. She apologised and continued ''Usually I'd put on a straight face but I can't, how, why'' still confused I continued to stand there ''When you asked for a bra fitting I thought maybe you were wearing a bra a couple of sizes too small, but this is'' Ok, so what I had gathered from this brief conversation was that I was wearing a bra that was too small, but my boobs are small and I've struggled to fill a bra since I was 12 and I've always worn a 32/34A which I was wearing at that point too. She left the cubicle to find some bra's closer to my size, when she returned she was carrying a bunch of beautiful bra's size 32D and 32DD, I couldn't control my horror ''I don't think so'', anyway she had me try them on and explained to me the ins and outs of boobs, how different women have breast tissue grow in different places and mine basically hangs back on the sides of my body under my arms. So there you have it, my horrific story on why it is important that you get a bra fitting as soon as possible and every 6 to 8 months to ensure you are wearing the correct bra.

If you're looking for somewhere to get your bra fitted then check out Ann Summers or Marks & Spencer! They both have bra fitting guides for yourself on their website but if I were you I'd make an appointment and get your bra fitted correctly with one of their fantastic staff.

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