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According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, scary right? Breast checks, a quick and simple way to notice any differences in your breasts that could be a sign of breast cancer so why are we not checking ourselves regularly? After doing hours of research into how breast checks can help diagnose breast cancer early and possibly save someones life I felt like I needed to do something. I checked myself, at 20 years of age this was the first time I had thought about doing it, but I was not quite sure what I was supposed to be checking myself for, so firstly I googled it where I found some but not all the information I was looking for so I turned to a more reliable source - I asked my mum. Disappointingly the response was that she had not checked for years. I turned to another source my friends and got a similar response. I was completely gobsmacked! Why are we (me included) not doing this one small task once a month, a task that could possibly get us an early diagnosis and save our lives?

Whilst thinking about breast checks I remembered a new company I had met in London previously at a Bloggers Love Hub (now Blogger Hang Out) called Sniffy Wiffy who’s products are designed to encourage you to check yourself on a regular basis, so I headed over to their website and purchased their Classic Body Lotion and Body Scrub set (£20), while waiting for my order I spoke to Sarah and found out a little more about their company.

Sarah says: 

''The idea for the product came about when I was watching Dr Dawn on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies show how to perform a self-breast check.  I remember thinking that there were quite a lot of things to remember - meaning you could likely forget them by the time you came to do the check.  When she said that a good time to self-examine is when skin is slightly slippery, such as while applying body lotion, the idea just came to me to label tubs of body lotion with this potentially life-saving info!  I remember running to my husband shouting “I've had a great idea!!" and he said "that'll never work”.
My motivation also came from the fact that I lost my mum when I was 13 to Multiple Sclerosis, obviously a disease which you cannot 'check' for in the same way as being alert to the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.  But as a mum of two I desperately don’t want history to repeat itself and the hard fact is that breast cancer does pose a very real threat to me as a female (what with stats being as they are) so I really feel like if there is anything I can do to improve outcomes should cancer find its way into my body then I will do, and I will help others do so too - of course I am referring to self-examination.

My husband came up with the name which I loved immediately, especially as we offer all products in almost 30 different fragrances so they are gorgeously wiffy!’’

Sniffy Wiffy also do a similar product for men with great instructions on how to check your prostate.

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