Review: All Bar One

In October I took a trip to London with my mum, the purpose of the trip was for her to fangirl at a Gary Numan concert (in other words, to put me through hell) and as it was my birthday we also got to spend Friday evening in London and Saturday exploring London. This post is all about All Bar One on Oxford Street where we had our breakfast.

All Bar One is a busy little restaurant on Oxford Street, and the only one it seems, where we were able to sit down and have breakfast. All Bar One has the cutest little breakfast menu with a twist on all the classics from Eggs Benedict to a Full English breakfast. Mum opted for the Eggs Benedict and I opted for the Full English.

Now although the portion sizes are a lot smaller than, let's say Weatherspoons, the food was quality and it was definitely enough to fill our stomachs ready for a day of sight seeing.
The waiters and waitresses were polite and I kind of felt like I was staring in a UK version of the gossip girl as we were surrounded by what seemed to be a lot of young wealthy people.

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