More about ''She Means Business''

Welcome to my brand spanking new website. 

If you've joined me over from A South Wales Blog then thank you for joining me over on this new blog, if you're new to my writing then welcome, thanks for taking the time to check out my new blog. I wanted to put together a little post with all the information you might need to navigate yourself around this blog.


Similar to A South Wales Blog, She Means Business will cover a wide variety of topics, Women's health, career related, how to's, lifestyle, events and I'm looking into adding some DIY's into the mix, which is something I've never experimented with before. In January I have two big challenges I'm going to be writing about, the first is loosing weight, I'll be documenting my journey to loosing weight, changing my diet and starting exercise again. And the second is my bid to curve my awful spending obsession my January spending ban.

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