Lush Christmas Blogger Event

Back in November I was lucky enough to be invited to the Cardiff Christmas Lush Blogger Event along with Neesha, Charlotte, Lottie and Holly. I was late to the Lush hype when it first blossomed and if I'm honest I was totally up for avoiding it, however that did not last long and last year I caved and bought some fantastic Lush products and I fell in love with the whole brand. And their Christmas range was no exception. When we entered there were mince pies and drinks and we helped ourselves, I grabbed a glass of elderflower and cinnamon as we were introduced to Lorna and Jade who were to show us around.

Having taken a trip to London's Lush Oxford Street in October I was sure there was nothing that could impress me more than the colour changing eye shadow I'd discovered on Oxford Street. We began our tour.

Jade and Lorna were amazing cramming so many products and information into such a short period of time. Lorna made sure we all got to test out every product, our arms and our hands felt and smelt amazing by the time we left.

Some of my favourite Christmas products had to be the Snow Fairy which smells like heaven, the Cranberry face mask and Santa's Belly shower jelly. I'm really excited to try Santa's Belly out at home, thanks to Lush Cardiff for giving me a pot to take home.

And finally some Lush products I'm really looking forward to trying out for myself are the Lush toothpaste's (who knew Lush did toothpaste's?) and the lip tints which look absolutely amazing!

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