Life Goals For 2016

We're headed into a brand new year and I'm extremely excited about it.

Every year I make a list of all the things I would like to accomplish in a year and this year I get to document it all on my brand new blog. There's something exciting about writing down targets and then striking them off as you go and by the end of this year there are a variety of things I want to accomplish and I've separated these into life, work, health and fitness goals!

1. Travel somewhere new
2. Travel somewhere old
3. Have a spa day
4. Survive university
5. Bake a cake
6. Take the dog to the beach
7. Build a ginger bread house
8. Visit the Harry Potter museum
9. Go ghost hunting
10. Carve a pumpkin
11. Go camping

1. Start my new job
2. Take on more responsibility
3. Deal with a customer complaint
4. Get praise from my boss
5. Learn a new skill
6. Learn to say 'NO'
7. Train new staff
8. Increase productivity
9. Gain positive feedback from customers/boss
10. Update CV and resume

Health & Fitness
1. Loose weight
2. Cut out Coke and fizzy drinks
3. Exercise regularly
4. Try a new fitness class
5. Continue with Zumba
6. Take the stairs more
7. Walk more
8. Drink more water
9. Get more sleep
10. Run 5k

These are a few things I'm working towards doing in 2016, I think almost all of these are pretty realistic and I'm hoping to have crossed a lot of these off by this time next year.

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