Blogging Goals For 2016

I've been blogging on and off since I was fourteen on a number of different platforms, one includes the ancient platform of LiveJournal where I found my love and passion for writing online to strangers. Six years later I'm on my fourth blog with a completely different writing style, a fantastic following of readers and my very own personal brand.
This year I've decided to set out a few goals to work towards this year regarding my blog.

1. Launch
2. Post regularly, at least once a week
3. Begin advertising on She Means Business
4. Build an email list of 100 readers
5. Reach 10,000 Twitter followers
6. Reach 2,500 Bloglovin followers
7. Write an eBook
8. Create and sell organisation pdfs
9. Feature on a Youtube channel
10. Host another blogger event
11. Attend the Blognix Retreat
12. Work with local brands
13. Work with national and international brands
14. Attend an event with a press pass
15. Attend another blogger event
16. Continue to write for Love From
17. Write for Femsplain
18. Be nominated for a blogging award
19. Participate in more blogger twitter chats

I'm hoping to reach as many of these goals by this time next year as possible, my biggest challenge will be writing an eBook, picking a topic and finding the time to write will be hard but I can do it. 

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