A Peak at Lush Oxford Street

Lush Oxford Street the Queen of Lush stores everywhere and every Lush fan's heaven. When taking a trip to London back in October I couldn't help taking a detour to the store to see what I'd been missing in my local Lush. Spread over three floors Lush Oxford Street is home over 200 exclusive products, it also offers the unique experience of the Lush Spa, and the Gorilla perfume gallery.

Even though it was only October Lush Oxford Street was decked out with Christmas decorations and some of their Christmas range. Our Lush customer assistant was great and showed us so many fantastic products, however I set her a challenge to try and convert my mum into a Lush fan. Mum has never been a fan of Lush, I once took her into a Bristol Lush store and she practically ran out so even getting her to step foot in this store was an achievement. She got really into it and when we hit the basement floor she was all about massage bars and even ended up buying a few products to try herself. Success.

I hope you've enjoyed a look at Lush Oxford Street, if you haven't been yet I do recommend you hop over there next time you're in London as it's actually quite fantastic.

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