Life Goals For 2016

We're headed into a brand new year and I'm extremely excited about it.

Every year I make a list of all the things I would like to accomplish in a year and this year I get to document it all on my brand new blog. There's something exciting about writing down targets and then striking them off as you go and by the end of this year there are a variety of things I want to accomplish and I've separated these into life, work, health and fitness goals!

Blogging Goals For 2016

I've been blogging on and off since I was fourteen on a number of different platforms, one includes the ancient platform of LiveJournal where I found my love and passion for writing online to strangers. Six years later I'm on my fourth blog with a completely different writing style, a fantastic following of readers and my very own personal brand.
This year I've decided to set out a few goals to work towards this year regarding my blog.

2015: The Best Bits (Pictures)

How to Improve your Productivity

Productivity is something I've strived to master for the majority of my working life, getting things done quickly, efficiently and to a high standard of quality. I exercise productivity in all aspects of my life whether it be my personal life, work life or education and over the years I feel live I've developed a good idea of how to improve your productivity.

Why I resigned from my office job and headed back to waitressing

In September 2015 I resigned from my waitressing job at a three star restaurant and began a new job as a general assistant, almost three months down the line I've resigned from my new job and headed back to the job I had previously left. You would have thought swapping being on your feet for twelve hours for a swivel chair and your own desk would be a dream come true for a career minded young woman like myself, but now I'm headed back and here's why...

More about ''She Means Business''

Welcome to my brand spanking new website. 

If you've joined me over from A South Wales Blog then thank you for joining me over on this new blog, if you're new to my writing then welcome, thanks for taking the time to check out my new blog. I wanted to put together a little post with all the information you might need to navigate yourself around this blog.

The Importance of a Bra Fitting

Would you believe that at the age of twenty I finally had my first ever bra fitting?

I've always wanted to have a bra fitting but due to my small bosom I've never put it at the top of my list of things to get done, however recently I took a trip to Cardiff and found myself wandering into Ann Summers for a look around when I saw a sign for a free bra fitting, I had an hour or so before I was meeting the girls for dinner so I called one of the lovely shop assistants over and asked if she could help me.

Lush Christmas Blogger Event

Back in November I was lucky enough to be invited to the Cardiff Christmas Lush Blogger Event along with Neesha, Charlotte, Lottie and Holly. I was late to the Lush hype when it first blossomed and if I'm honest I was totally up for avoiding it, however that did not last long and last year I caved and bought some fantastic Lush products and I fell in love with the whole brand. And their Christmas range was no exception. When we entered there were mince pies and drinks and we helped ourselves, I grabbed a glass of elderflower and cinnamon as we were introduced to Lorna and Jade who were to show us around.

Simply Bare: Trick or Treat Spa Experience

Back in October I booked mum and I in for a little treat at Simply Bare in Cardiff a lovely beauty and waxing boutique. I've only ever had one other spa treatment in my life and that was a full body massage at Bluestone and that was fantastic so I had very high standards of my treatment at Simply Bare. We were booked in to have a back exfoliation and hot oil massage on the Halloween Trick or Treatment deal which was a bargain at £20 each.

Review: All Bar One

In October I took a trip to London with my mum, the purpose of the trip was for her to fangirl at a Gary Numan concert (in other words, to put me through hell) and as it was my birthday we also got to spend Friday evening in London and Saturday exploring London. This post is all about All Bar One on Oxford Street where we had our breakfast.

A Tour Of London

Back in October Mum and I took a trip to London where she was going to a Gary Numan concert, I can see you all wondering who Gary Numan is, a star from my mums childhood is whom. After a long three hours on the coach we headed straight for Oxford Street to check out the special Lush store, I have a whole post on this experience here. I think I managed to convince mum that Lush is good as she actually bought something.

After we checked out Lush we headed over to Shoreditch to our hotel The RE Shoreditch a nice little hotel. There was quite a large queue at reception however I could see the receptionists doing their best to settle customers in as quick as possible and soon we were greeted. One thing I was unaware of before arriving at the hotel is that they take £50 off your card on arrival incase you use any extra's at the hotel which was not a problem for my however I did hear some customers complaining to it at reception.
In the evening we headed to the Gary Numan concert where mum thoroughly enjoyed herself.

A Peak at Lush Oxford Street

Lush Oxford Street the Queen of Lush stores everywhere and every Lush fan's heaven. When taking a trip to London back in October I couldn't help taking a detour to the store to see what I'd been missing in my local Lush. Spread over three floors Lush Oxford Street is home over 200 exclusive products, it also offers the unique experience of the Lush Spa, and the Gorilla perfume gallery.

Even though it was only October Lush Oxford Street was decked out with Christmas decorations and some of their Christmas range. Our Lush customer assistant was great and showed us so many fantastic products, however I set her a challenge to try and convert my mum into a Lush fan. Mum has never been a fan of Lush, I once took her into a Bristol Lush store and she practically ran out so even getting her to step foot in this store was an achievement. She got really into it and when we hit the basement floor she was all about massage bars and even ended up buying a few products to try herself. Success.

Review: Sniffy Wiffy

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, scary right? Breast checks, a quick and simple way to notice any differences in your breasts that could be a sign of breast cancer so why are we not checking ourselves regularly? After doing hours of research into how breast checks can help diagnose breast cancer early and possibly save someones life I felt like I needed to do something. I checked myself, at 20 years of age this was the first time I had thought about doing it, but I was not quite sure what I was supposed to be checking myself for, so firstly I googled it where I found some but not all the information I was looking for so I turned to a more reliable source - I asked my mum. Disappointingly the response was that she had not checked for years. I turned to another source my friends and got a similar response. I was completely gobsmacked! Why are we (me included) not doing this one small task once a month, a task that could possibly get us an early diagnosis and save our lives?